The Great Heart Of Wisdom Sutra

When Kan-non, the Bo-dhi-satt-va of com-pas-sion, was prac-tic-ing the deep-est wis-dom, he clear-ly saw that the five ag-gre-gates are emp-ty thus tran-scend-ing dis-tress and suf-fer-ing. O Sha-ri-pu-tra, form is no o-ther than emp-ti-ness, emp-ti-ness no o-ther than form, form is ex-act-ly emp-ti-ness, emp-ti-ness ex-act-ly form. Feel-ing, thought, im-pulse, and con-scious-ness are like-wise like this.

O Sha-ri-pu-tra, re-mem-ber, Dhar-ma is fun-da-men-tal-ly emp-ti-ness no birth, no death. Noth-ing is pure noth-ing is de-filed. Noth-ing can in-crease, no-thing can de-crease. Hence: in emp-ti-ness, no form, no feel-ing, no thought, no im-pulse, no con-scious-ness; no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no bod-y, no mind; no see-ing, no hear-ing, no smell-ing, no tast-ing, no touch-ing, no think-ing, no realm of sight, no realm of thought no ig-nor-ance and no end of ig-nor-ance; no old age and death and no end to old age and death. No suf-fer-ing, no cra-ving, no ex-tinc-tion, no path; no wis-dom, no at-tain-ment.

In-deed, there is noth-ing to be at-tained; the Bo-dhi-satt-vas live this deep-est wis-dom with no hin-drance in the mind. No hin-drance, there-fore no fear. Far be-yond de-lu-sive think-ing, they fin-al-ly a-wa-ken to com-plete nir-va-na. All Bud-dhas, Bo-dhi-satt-vas of past, pres-ent, and fu-ture, live this deep-est wis-dom and there-fore reach the most su-preme en-light-en-ment. There-fore know that this wis-dom be-yond wis-dom is the great-est Dha-ra-ni, the bright-est Dha-ra-ni, the high-est Dha-ra-ni, the peer-less Dha-ra-ni. It com-plete-ly ends all suf-fer-ing. Know this as truth and do not doubt. So set forth this pro-found wis-dom Dha-ra-ni. Set forth this Dha-ra-ni and de-clare: Gone, gone, gone to the oth-er shore, at-tain the oth-er shore, to be-yond the oth-er shore, hav-ing nev-er left. Wis-dom Heart Su-tra.

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