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Infinite Beauty
by Taisen Deshimaru Roshi

Muso fuku den e

Muso: infinite

What is infinity? Hishiryo (hi: non): thinking without thinking, thinking beyond thinking.

It is not a question of quantity. Personal consciousness is not limited. Don't make categories. This way, creativity and wisdom develop. This is very important.

Muso: non-aspect. non-apparent.

Kodo Sawaki called certain faces muso. Muso is infinite beauty, deep. Some people always smile, others not at all. This is Both are stupid. The appearance of the face is a reflection of the spirit. It is easier to read a face than words. Personal characteristics manifest themselves in the face and in the natural comportment. But few know it and many always try to decorate, to put make-up over their own characteristics.

Through zazen, intuition becomes strong. So you can more easily penetrate the real mind of others, like looking in a mirror.

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