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No Difference
Teisho by Kodo Sawaki Roshi

Zazen is practicing, with a human body, that which is no different from Buddha.

As cellular organisms, we are like all other animals, but only humans can practice what is identical to Buddha. This means becoming one with the universe, one with heaven and earth.

The task of our life is: not to waste what we have in common with Buddha; to manifest this Way when lifting the hand, when advancing the foot; and to absorb our total being into each place at each instant. To be immobile and unshakable in our life, this is to fill our present.

This here and now cannot be imitated. So create the present from your true self, the one which pours out unceasingly, free and unhindered, without thoughts, without mind- hishiryo.

However, through illusion and discrimination, some people imitate last year and the years before and run their life with old calendars.

Understand what religion is: the place where there is no high or low, left or right, back or front. It is transparent from the sky to the earth. It is achieving the Way. Fear, anxiety and deceit are absent. When deceit disappears, the universe becomes pure as crystal.

Having this mind makes all difficulties disappear and clears the way for absolute happiness. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you will always be happy. The mind of the Way is a very pleasant thing.

Friends and enemies, flatterers and critics, bury them in this universal medicine chest and use them to follow the Way.

This is the power of looking within, the only power which creates the self, penetrates the total emptiness of the five personal aggregates and overcomes all suffering.

This Way makes everyone happy-without exception. Everything becomes better. Everything becomes the Way.

An old song says, "My face in the mirror frowns when I frown." This goes for humans too. When one smiles, the other smiles. It is like they are connected with an electric wire.

Whoever doesn't understand this truth lives a constipated life. Understanding this principle is to see the world transparent like a glass building.

The sutras call this, "To penetrate and fill an exact and pure world."

I myself fill the entire universe.

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