Zen Buddhism Sesshin (Retreat) Glossary

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Ango: Three months intensive training period.
Daisan: Interviews with Zen instructor.
Dennan: Altar attendant; distributes sutra books.
Densho: Large hanging bell which announces services.
Doan: Person who hits bell and gongs during service.
Dokusan: Interviews with Roshi.
Fusatsu: Renewal of vows ceremony.
Fushinzamu: Community work.
Gaitan: Front and back porches.
Han: Hanging wooden block, struck to anounce za-zen period.
Hosan: Days off.
Ino: Head leader of chanting.
Jijo: officient responsible for monastic schedule and keeping time during za-zen.
Jikido: Officiant or teacher's attendant.
Jukai: Taking the precepts.
Junko: Walking with the awakening stick.
Kinhin: Walking meditation.
Kyosaku: Awakening stick.
Mokugyo: Wooden fish - wood drum that keeps beat during services.
Nenju: Formal thanksgiving to Roshi in the Zendo.
Oryoki: Formal meals, eating out of three bowls.
Roshi: Head teacher, Zen master.
Samu: Work.
Sensei: Certified teacher.
Shuso: Head training monk for three month period.
Shuso Hossen: Ceremony of testing Shuso's understanding.
Tan: Woven rice straw mats.
Zafu: Round meditation cushions
Zendo: Main meditation hall.

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