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The Modern Fukanzazengi
by Taisen Deshimaru Roshi

If we practice zazen, the true ego penetrates into every part of the cosmos and the individual ego can relate to cosmic truth. It can follow the cosmic order, unconsciously, naturally, automatically, without any effort of the personal will.

Then everything becomes a source of pleasure and accords with our will. And though we follow, there is never any obstacle. Things go forward as they should, happily.

Fear, anxiety, worry and doubt disappear.

From the bottom of our minds, great confidence arises, the conviction and the faith that we are part of God or Buddha.

Then, our deep unthinking thought draws near to God or Buddha, grows deeper and ever deeper. The shadow of the pine is dark according as the moon is bright.

Reverence for God or Buddha is born and we become modest, humble. The mind becomes gentle, compassionate, honest. We learn humility. The vocation begins to work in us without any act of will.

Life, then, can become full of value and dignity.

The vocation that is born is the highest. It moves us to harmonize, unconsciously, naturally, automatically, with all existences.

We can begin to create greater and greater respect for the symphony of the world and

more and more infinite beauty.

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